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13 May 2013

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11 March 2013


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Giuseppe Biamonti
IGM-CNR, Pavia

Andrea Mattevi
University of Pavia

9° Seminario SIBBM
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The main theme of the next SIBBM "Frontiers in Molecular Biology" Seminar is:

Revisiting the Central Dogma:
Emerging New Concepts in Replication,
Transcription, and Translation

We are organizing specific sessions on:

  • Genome stability–DNA Replication meets RNAs: a dangerous liason
    Marco Foiani (University of Milan and IFOM, Milan)
    Giovanni Maga (CNR, Pavia)
    Marco Muzi Falconi (University of Milan)
    Adriana La Volpe (CNR, Naples)
    Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna (IGM-CNR, Pavia – IFOM, Milan)
  • Transcription, splicing, non coding RNA: the complex life of RNA
    Tom Misteli (National Cancer Institute, USA)
    Patrick Cramer (LMU, Munich)
    Stefano Gustincich (SISSA, Trieste)
    Rosangela Sozzani (Armenise – University of Pavia)
    Claudio Sette (University of Tor Vergata, Rome)
  • The central dogma, biotechnology and synthetic biology
    Guido Grandi (Novartis, Siena)
    Sheref S. Mansy (Armenise – University of Trento)
    Giannino del Sal (University of Trieste)
  • From basic to medicine in an ageing world
    Tullio Pozzan (CNR, Padua)
    Alberto Auricchio (Federico II University - TIGEM, Naples)
  • Trends in scientific publications
    Mark Patterson ( – Cambridge, UK)
    Bernd Pulverer (EMBO J)
  • Chiara D’Onofrio Award
    (to be announced)
  • Arturo Falaschi Award
    (to be announced)

The SIBBM Seminars gather every year up to 200 participants and, since their start in 2004, have become one of the most successful scientific events in Italy. This year’s topic intends to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prices given for the discovery of DNA structure and the elucidation of the first protein three-dimensional structures. The meeting also offers an exciting opportunity for young researchers and PhD students to talk about their work and experiences. Nearly 50% of the talks will be selected from participants' submitted abstracts.

A highlight of the SIBBM Seminars are the "Chiara D'Onofrio" awards, the most prestigious prize in Biomedical Sciences in Italy, awarded to both a senior scientist as well as to the best oral presentation by a young scientist.

Our Society has recently established a joint programme with EMBO. Thus, we expect to have several international speakers including EMBO members, as well as Harvard-Armenise Foundation fellows. Editors of leading journals will also be invited to attend the meeting.

Groups of Ph.D. students from the same Course or School can benefit from a discounted fee: 50 EUR for each participant. Please contact the SIBBM Treasurer for additional details and before registration.


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